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You can spend years building up your social media presence and get nowhere or you can work with Campground.  

Our team leverages the latest in market and demographic trends to identify the right local & international prospective buyers and make them your followers on Instagram.  We help individuals and real estate sales teams nurture these Instagram relationships to turn fans into clients.


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It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, a top producer or lead a team of agents, there's a chance that you are very busy. Talk about understatement of the century!

Do you have the time to create a list of every possible prospect in your area and meaningfully interact with them on social media.  You probably don't and even if you have a marketing team, it's an absolute waste of their time as well.  

Campground's team of social media and demographic strategists leverage powerful data science techniques to understand which Instagram users are in your target geography and demographic and interact with them.

How do you know if we're working?  Simple!  You'll notice your following count increase on an almost daily basis with real local followers.  

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Areas that we'll talk about:

  • General Content Strategy
  • Instagram Stories and how to effectively leverage them
  • Hashtag Strategy
  • What to share and when
  • Your Instagram demographics
  • What you need to do

Are you ready to take the next step and complete your social media strategy?


Tailored to nurture relationships and close deals.

Campground is designed to identify and attract the right kind of Instagram followers: the kind YOU want.


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Any Location/Market

We have clients from all over the world.  It doesn't matter if you're just starting out in the middle of San Antonio or have multiple decades of experience in Sydney, we can work with you to make strides with growth on Instagram.

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Property Class agnostic

We built Campground to be self-learning and adaptive, which means finding the right followers is an easy task regardless of if you're moving higher end listings or homes that may be a bit more mainstream.  


Demographic Targeting

Our growth strategists learn all they can about you, your personal brand and your business.  From this wealth of information, we build a demographic model of who your perfect audience is and then go after them!


What Campground Does For You

Instagram is one of the most revolutionary tools you can use to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.  Early adopters who have mastered the platform and have built up a sizable following are hesitant to share their secrets to success.  Fortunately for you, our team of social media strategists and our technology can get you on a growth trajectory that'll dramatically boost your personal brand as a superstar in your real estate market.

Stop being left behind.

A well-thought-out frame - just like your demographics.

A well-thought-out frame - just like your demographics.

Intelligent data-driven follower growth: Build a community of real followers.

The first rule of real estate is that location is everything.  This is also the first rule of Campground's growth strategy for your account.  We work with you to figure out who your demographics are, where they are and the best ways to activate them and convert them into engaged fans and followers.  Our growth system is adaptive so the more we grow, the more successful we get at getting you the right people.  

When you start with Campground, our team will work with you to understand your business goals, property mix and ideal demographics.  We'll also do a thorough review of your Instagram feed and give you pointers for future success.  

On the technology front, our growth system plugs directly into Instagram's servers so there's no additional software for you to download!

Campground's technology doesn't utilize fake followers, artificial likes or generic 'spam' comments (we've all seen those generic "Cool Post" comments).  

Standard with the following monthly plans: Monthly Starter, Monthly, Professional and Fully Managed


like boosting: Let's get your content viral.

Although our data-driven growth can help increase your followings and also the likes you get per post, we've noticed that it's still very difficult to garner blockbuster views and likes of your content.  Our viral like boost will give  you the ability to not only attract more of your organic followers but also non-followers which helps to get your content trending and your profile more active.  

Our boost technology has the ability to deliver as many as 100 to 1,000 real likes per post!

Standard with the following monthly plans: Monthly, Professional and Fully Managed
Available as an add-on for existing clients.
There's no point in posting a great shot if you get 5 likes!

There's no point in posting a great shot if you get 5 likes!


Keep on posting pics of your dog, life and whatever else gets you excited.  We'll manage to find great content that will compliment what you do.

Keep on posting pics of your dog, life and whatever else gets you excited.  We'll manage to find great content that will compliment what you do.

amazing curated content: Sometimes you're just too busy to do it yourself, and that's okay.

If you're like many of our clients, you're sometimes just too busy to post.  Hey, we get it.  That's why we created the fully managed option which also includes the Campground team posting on your behalf.  In addition to posting great content that tells a story of how much of an expert you are in your community, we pair our posting schedule with even more advanced growth techniques that will guarantee you long-term success on Instagram.

Standard with the following monthly plans: Fully Managed


Powerful Local SEO: leverage social data into more website clicks.

We are experts in collecting data, understanding demographics and decoding intent.  When you put those competencies together you get Campground's Real Estate optimized SEO.  Our SEO offering is an intensely thought out and effective ranking machine.  Our decisions are data-backed, based on thousands of touch points in your area and from your competitors.   


Standard with the following monthly plans: Fully Managed
Available as an add-on for existing clients.
Your Instagram + Your Website = Total Local Domination.

Your Instagram + Your Website = Total Local Domination.


Get the power of a full-time social media team for a whole lot less. 

We created our budget friendly pricing to make growth as pain-free as possible.  Hey, we get it: growth can be expensive!  We're here to make sure you get the best value out there.

Monthly Boost

$99 / Month

No need to give us your Password
100 Likes Per Post or Video
Likes Automatically Delivered
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Boosts Organic Engagement

E-Mail Support

Monthly Growth Professional

$249 / Month

Monthly Growth Plus:
250 Real Likes Per Post or Video
New: Story Viewing to build your tribe
Multiple Active Growth Techniques
Monthly Content Strategy Assistance

Priority Phone Support

Fully Managed

Starting at $1549 / Month

Monthly Growth Pro. Plus:
Up to 1,000 Real Likes
Content Creation and Curation
Data-driven Local SEO
Unlimited Content Strategy Assistance

Instagram Outsourced!



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