Outreach is out.  Community building is in.

Let me save you some time so you’ll never have to read another Marketing a Starter Home to Millennials article ever again: the push method of marketing and outreach simply isn’t cost or time effective with this generation.  

Written By: Arvind Murthy

Founder and Chief Strategist at Campground

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Not really a fan of anecdotes or stories that drive home the point?  Neither am I, even though I do just that in this guide. 

You can scroll down for some Instagram best practices that my team and I have tested and perfected amongst our real estate clientele.   

These best practices are meant to be as universal as possible, but still effective across the board.  If you're curious about developing a more personalized plan for your Instagram feed, schedule a consultation below and we'll talk shop!

Open, airy and welcoming.  The perfect blend of design, consumer psychology and community building.  

Open, airy and welcoming.  The perfect blend of design, consumer psychology and community building.  

My Epiphany

In 2001, Steve Jobs launched the biggest product of Apple’s history.  No, it wasn’t the iPhone or a new computer.  It wasn’t even something you could buy and take home.  

The product that Jobs launched fundamentally changed Apple from a second-string producer of quirky personal computers to the computing powerhouse it is today.  That product was the Apple Store.  

I remember the first time I walked into one of Apple’s retail outposts.  I was in my early 20’s and worked at a tech startup in San Francisco.  

Although I worked on the other side of the Financial District, I made the walk during my lunch hour to the store near Union Square.  When I walked in, I was greeted by friendly staff who didn’t hover or hound me with small talk.  

I spent the next 20 minutes going from table to table playing with Apple’s latest offerings.  

I vividly remember almost every aspect of that first interaction- the perfectly white hue of the overhead lighting, the wood grain on the tables and even the silver accents on the periphery of the store.  Why do I remember so much?

I struggled with that for so many years (11 to be exact), but now know.  

That experience was engineered to suck me, the millennial buyer, into Apple’s orbit.  
They weren’t selling me anything and yet were selling me everything.  
The Apple Store was the lantern and I was the millennial fly hovering around it wanting whatever it had to offer.  

You probably have a good idea of where I'm going with this: you need to be an Apple Store if you want those millennial clients.  

You need to be a magnet, the lantern, that draws in their curiosity, hopes and most importantly, trust.  

Good artists copy; Great artists steal

If you’re asking yourself, "how the heck do I become an Apple Store?", you’re not alone! Fortunately for all of us, you don’t need to open up a cart at your local mall.  

Your Instagram profile is your Apple Store.  It should serve as a venue to draw in millennials with minimal fuss.  

If they decide to linger and engage around with what you have to offer then you’re in business.  If they don’t, don’t bother chasing after them - they’re not interested.  

When Ron Johnson, was tasked by Steve Jobs with putting together Apple’s retail concept stores almost 2 decades ago, came up with the idea, he reversed engineered the buying experience.  You need to do the same with your Instagram.  

Better yet, what you really need to do is just steal the pages from Apple’s reverse engineering playbook:

  1. Create an Instagram profile that mixes content types (photos, videos, stories) and subject matter: some family shots, cute pets, property shots.  This is your version of going from table to table at the Apple Store.

  2. When you do interact with your millennial followers/fans on Instagram, never try to make the sale.  When’s the last time an Apple Store employee made a hard close on an iPad?  The employees are there to foster community and answer questions.  You need to be the product expert, nothing more.  Your product in this case is the buying process, the hunting experience, local community knowledge, where the happening cafés are and what Asian street food trucks are in the area.  

  3. Focus on what works and refine.  Although you may have not noticed any major changes over the past decade, the Apple Store has changed dramatically.  Self-checkouts, Genius Bars and even product displays have been optimized to give the customer what they want.  You should use Instagram’s in-house analytics to understand what content resonates and what needs to be axed.  

Need some guidance with your account?  Schedule a call and talk to an expert.


Master the Generational Psychology

Once you master creating the right venue and experience for your millennials, you need to understand millennial buyer’s psychology.  


Be their go-to (when the time comes)

Millennials will absolutely shop around and explore every product out there.  

A good Instagram feed will make sure they’re not shopping properties (just yet), but shopping agents.  Obviously, when they find you (and yes, discovering you is part of the process), then you get to share your expertise of the market.  

Apple Playbook Steal: millennials do their homework when it comes to major purchases, but once they decide on Apple, their product research is amongst Apple’s offerings, not a competitors.  For example comparing an iPhone X to an iPhone 8 as opposed to even looking at whatever Samsung is offering.  

Trust takes time

Your content should be a representation of who you are.  

Don’t worry if you’re not a million-dollar agent with the jet set lifestyle (that’s actually a good thing).

Be genuine and share things and moments that you enjoy.  

Have fun posting and that fun will certainly resonate throughout your content.  

Apple Playbook Steal: the stores are an ‘open book’ to what Apple is, or at least what it wants us to believe.  Open yourself up and have fun.



Relationship on autopilot

Instagram helps you maintain the relationship. After a deal is done, don’t think the relationship is over!  

Your Instagram content and stories serve as a gentle reminder that you’re a part of the millennial’s world and are a trusted part of it.  

When it comes to referrals or even moving into a new property, you’ll be positioned to work for them once again.  

Don’t think that a referral or repeat business is a given, as studies have shown that millennials are constantly reevaluating their connections.

If they find an agent they think they’ll connect with better, they’ll go for ‘em.

When millennials follow you, that’s your invitation into their lives.

They’ve invited you into their digital living room.

IN SHORT: Instead of worrying about how you can build up your millennial outreach, start thinking about how you can position yourself (via Instagram) to draw them to you.  A good rule of thumb is to emulate all the things your local Apple Store does to bring in customers.  They were designed to be millennial magnets - follow their playbook.


Welcome to Generation You

Instagram is one of the most revolutionary tools you can use to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.  Early adopters who have mastered the platform and have built up a sizable following are hesitant to share their secrets to success.  Fortunately for you, our team of social media strategists and our technology can get you on a growth trajectory that'll dramatically boost your personal brand as a superstar in your real estate market.

At an  #openhouse ?  Share it.  

At an #openhouse?  Share it.  

You Should post almost daily.

When it comes to personal brand building in real estate, one of the best practices for first starting out is balancing quantity and quality.  Fortunately for you, mobile camera technology has come a long way and taking compelling shots is easy, especially within Instagram.  

With Campground working in the background, we suggest posting between 1-4 times a day, everyday for the first month that you use our service.  This may seem like a lot, but what you are doing is broadcasting yourself and your content to a wider audience on Instagram.  Instagram rewards accounts and content that gets views with more views.  



#Hashtags are powerful.  Use them.

Seriously, use #hashtags to describe your visual stories.  There is no better way to get the attention of those you want to have looking at your content than using a well thought out and researched hashtag.  As your account grows, our data science team will uncover the best hashtags for your account and will show you just how to deploy them in a way that can help accelerate your growth.  

Our growth technology and #hashtags can help you create a community of fans and followers on your Instagram feed which serves as a bedrock to your personal brand.

#brooklynbridge #NYCRealEstate

#brooklynbridge #NYCRealEstate


Share pics of your dog, your family, your local community and everything else that gets you excited!

Share pics of your dog, your family, your local community and everything else that gets you excited!

Be authentic.  Be committed. Be the best you. 

People want to see the real you.  Don't stop yourself from posting the 'mundane', because it's probably not!  All those real estate activities you may take for granted is what your fans want to see.

Instagram is a great tool for brief video property tours (keep it under 20 seconds). It is also an awesome platform for posting behind-the-scenes photos of pre-listing property preparation or happy clients finding their dream home. In addition, you can even show your familiarity with certain neighborhoods or areas by utilizing geotagging, which allows users interested in a particular area to discover you.


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