You do the posting. We'll manage the growing.

Campground for Real Estate is a growth service that leverages a team of social media experts and the latest in artificial intelligence to grow your Instagram following and engagement.  

Our proprietary demographic matching technology actively finds local & international prospective buyers and makes them your fans. We help your media and marketing teams nurture these Instagram relationships to turn fans into clients.


Trusted by Real Estate Professionals around the world:


Almost Magic

Campground's service is composed of two very important parts: our social media strategists and our Instagram growth technology.

When you start with Campground, our team will work with you to understand your business goals, property mix and ideal demographics.  We'll also do a thorough review of your Instagram feed and give you pointers for future success.  

On the technology front, our growth system plugs directly into Instagram's servers so there's no additional software for you to download!

Campground's technology doesn't utilize fake followers, artificial likes or generic 'spam' comments (we've all seen those generic "Cool Post" comments).  

Tailored for Agents, Realtors and Brokers

Campground is designed to identify and attract the right kind of Instagram followers: the kind YOU want.


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Any Location/Market

We have clients from all over the world.  It doesn't matter if you're just starting out in the middle of San Antonio or have multiple decades of experience in Sydney, we can work with you to make strides with growth on Instagram.

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Property Class agnostic

We built Campground to be self-learning and adaptive, which means finding the right followers is an easy task regardless of if you're moving higher end listings or homes that may be a bit more mainstream.  


Demographic Targeting

Our growth strategists learn all they can about you, your personal brand and your business.  From this wealth of information, we build a demographic model of who your perfect audience is and then go after them!

Instagram Growth Signup

Once you finish the signup process, your account manager will reach out to you within 24 hrs.  

SPRING 2019: 25% off for life. Must sign up by April 15, 2019.

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Just like how you invest in your clients, their success and their goals, we're here to do the same. The best way to start off a winning relationship is to connect over a call to get a feel for each other!

We're located in Sunny Southern California.


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