Instagram Mastery is Practiced Daily

The crowd just does what it does.  You're here because you're deliberate and action-oriented.  Let's put that pen to (digital) paper.

The crowd just does what it does.  You're here because you're deliberate and action-oriented.  Let's put that pen to (digital) paper.


Build those strong habits today…

The following practices are surefire habits that will culminate with your mastery of of Instagram.  I, myself, ignored these simple best-practices back when I started my first startup venture in 2013, but quickly wised up when I saw the likes and followers flow in.

Instagram is the bleeding edge in connecting the visual with the social. In order to win at it, you need to be (you guessed it!) visual and social. The following action items will help you be better and more organized at both.  


Arvind Murthy

Founder & Chief Strategist


Welcome to Generation You

Instagram is one of the most revolutionary tools you can use to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.  Early adopters who have mastered the platform and have built up a sizable following are hesitant to share their secrets to success.  Fortunately for you, our team of social media strategists and our technology can get you on a growth trajectory that'll dramatically boost your personal brand as a superstar in your real estate market.

At an  #openhouse ?  Share it.  

At an #openhouse?  Share it.  

You Should post almost daily.

When it comes to personal brand building in real estate, one of the best practices for first starting out is balancing quantity and quality.  Fortunately for you, mobile camera technology has come a long way and taking compelling shots is easy, especially within Instagram.  

With Campground working in the background, we suggest posting between 1-4 times a day, everyday for the first month that you use our service.  This may seem like a lot, but what you are doing is broadcasting yourself and your content to a wider audience on Instagram.  Instagram rewards accounts and content that gets views with more views.  



#Hashtags are powerful.  Use them.

Seriously, use #hashtags to describe your visual stories.  There is no better way to get the attention of those you want to have looking at your content than using a well thought out and researched hashtag.  As your account grows, our data science team will uncover the best hashtags for your account and will show you just how to deploy them in a way that can help accelerate your growth.  

Our growth technology and #hashtags can help you create a community of fans and followers on your Instagram feed which serves as a bedrock to your personal brand.

#brooklynbridge #NYCRealEstate

#brooklynbridge #NYCRealEstate


Share pics of your dog, your family, your local community and everything else that gets you excited!

Share pics of your dog, your family, your local community and everything else that gets you excited!

Be authentic.  Be committed. Be the best you. 

People want to see the real you.  Don't stop yourself from posting the 'mundane', because it's probably not!  All those real estate activities you may take for granted is what your fans want to see.

Instagram is a great tool for brief video property tours (keep it under 20 seconds). It is also an awesome platform for posting behind-the-scenes photos of pre-listing property preparation or happy clients finding their dream home. In addition, you can even show your familiarity with certain neighborhoods or areas by utilizing geotagging, which allows users interested in a particular area to discover you.


Are you a top producer looking for more than just an Instagram growth service? Do you need a team of social media ninjas that can strategize, curate and post content for you as well?



Start with your profile bio. Does it represent you and your real estate persona? Does the profile picture show your pearly whites? Use the bio text to convey a few words that describe you as a person, i.e., Southern California Real Estate Specialist, Brother, Dog Dad, and Beard Enthusiast.

Make sure you provide a link to your site. Also make sure your site has your contact info (cell, email) and is shortened with a link shorter (see below).

Important: Go to Settings > Change to Business Profile

A great exercise: 

  • Describe your personal brand in 3-5 words
  • Remove any photos that don't fit this description
  • Nail down the look for your content (we'll work with you on this!)


  • Check your account for any new followers or mentions
  • Interact with said new followers or mentions (send over a couple likes!)
  • Take a look at the trending section to see what's going on in the wider world of Insta
  • Like and comment on 20-25 pictures
  • Watch 2 minutes of Instagram Stories - take notes


  • Repost one local photo (think: schools, cafes, parks).  You want to demonstrate your local expertise
  • Review your metrics to identify best-performing content
  • Plan content for the following week
  • Post at least 3 videos/images to Stories


  • Review your past goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Change out your bio links (if appropriate)
  • Change your profile picture
  • Schedule a client catchup call with our team!